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The Triumph of Saint George / 聖喬治的勝利 / Der Triumph des Heilige George | by Matthew Felix Sun
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The Triumph of Saint George / 聖喬治的勝利 / Der Triumph des Heilige George

The Triumph of Saint George

Oil on Canvas

48" x 30"

Completed in 2003

Inventory # 2452.101.2003.05.004


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© Matthew Felix Sun


For video presentation, please see my blog "The Triumph of Saint George" or view it on YouTube directly, or


Note: Published by Synchronized Chaos, an interdisciplinary art, poetry, literary, science, nature, cultural issues, and travel writing webzine, October 2009


Published in The Amistad, an online review magazine, by Howard University, Washington, D.C., Spring 2007


Part of Matthew Felix Sun's Apocalypse Series


Oil Painting “The Triumph of Saint George”

Just when the ill-conceived and ill-fated Iraq-invasion led by US president George W. Bush keeps and the prime minister of UK, Tony Blair, finally started to fade from our collective consciousness, it sprang back with vengeance in the tides of horrible stories and images.


Now, confronted with the terrifying aftermath of their reckless joint-decision, George W. Bush keeps mum, while Tony Blair tries desperately to white-wash his hands, yet however often he screamed “Out, damned spot! out, I say!”, his hands, together with those of GWB’s and Dick Cheney’s, would forever be stained with blood, gushed from the mangled bodies of US soldiers and Iraqi people.


I had hoped that what I depicted in that painting would be simply a warning sign, rather than, unfortunately, a most awful prophecy as it turned out.


History will remember George W. Bush and Tony Blair, not kindly. As an artist, it was my duty to record and reflect the time I live in.


George W. Bush, the Artist and Apocalypse

During his horrible and incompetent presidency, George W. Bush (GWB) was often criticized as an imbecile ninny occupying a high office due to his fabulous family connection - his father Georg Bush was the president of the US from 1989 to 1993. To me, that argument was incorrect and way too benevolent. GWB did many horrible things not due to his stupidity, but his fundamental believe in those horrible things.


To me, this painting of mine below, The Triumph of Saint George, created during the time he was drumming up the invasion of Iraq in 2003, reflects what he was; the painting also jump-started my ongoing Apocalypse Series, to commemorate the miseries of humankind.

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Taken on August 18, 2009