• Amazing to see the bottom with solid condensation like this without the dust going around it. I still haven't got to see or film one that did this yet. - torn80cj

The Boise, Oklahoma Twister

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While on my way to the Colorado, Oklahoma border on the 31st of May, I saw a strange looking segment of cloud hanging down from the main body of a large cell… I knew immediately that it was a wall cloud, but wasn’t sure if it was the same one I had been hearing about for the last two hours, that had been dropping tornadoes down from it.

The next thing I knew, it developed a set of fangs on either side, and I saw that there was a lot of motion going on. The next thing I knew a trunk started to swing down and suddenly there was this beautiful stovepipe vortex running along the ground far from where I was.

I put the pedal to the medal and was yelling at my brother who happened to be on the phone with me at that moment “I see a twister!!! I see a twister!!!” at which moment I abruptly hung up on him, pulled over and shot this photo. After doing so, I called him back up and had the pedal to the metal once more.

In order to get to this tornado, I had to pass through the scariest clouds / storm cell I had ever witnessed. It rained so hard, I could hardly see a car length in front of me. When I finally punched through, this tornado was in it’s final life phase and soon disappeared.

After I parked, a second tornado formed behind where this one was, and that’s the photograph I posted earlier this week.

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  1. idashum 47 months ago | reply

    "We're not in Kansas, anymore..." What an adrenaline rush just reading your post, Matt! Great shot and thanks for sharing!
    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  2. Veronica Vallejo 47 months ago | reply

    stunning shot!!!

  3. NebraskaSC 46 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Oklahoma Thunderstorms, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  4. NebraskaSC 46 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Tornado Alley USA, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  5. Paul J Nelson 46 months ago | reply

    Seen in Clouds, Storms, Sunsets and Sunrises
    Please tag your photo "Clouds Storms Sunsets & Sunrises"
    POST 1 Comment on 3

  6. matthileo 43 months ago | reply

    Ever since I was little my goal in life has been to see a tornado.
    Ever since I started taking pictures my goal has been to photograph one.


  7. Matt Granz Photography 43 months ago | reply

    Matt, you live a whole lot closer to where the action happens every spring, than I…. I hope you get the fulfillment of your wish.

  8. matthileo 43 months ago | reply

    I know. It's good to be back in a part of the country where storms are the norm. Hopefully come spring I'll be able to post some storm shots, and if I'm lucky I'll find a tornado off in the distance to shoot at.

  9. TranceVelebit 43 months ago | reply

    Oh yeah! Great!

  10. ConanTheLibrarian 43 months ago | reply

    Your fantastic shot was seen in:

     Official National Geographic Group

    Official National Geographic Group

    Thank you for sharing your photos!

  11. ● SandroG 43 months ago | reply

    what a cute expression...

  12. Northwestkathleen 42 months ago | reply

    Oh that is one scary looking storm! I don't miss those at all!!

  13. DaNang Monkey 41 months ago | reply

    I have had the "bad" luck of having two of these pass over the top of me. The most deathening roar I have ever heard, accompanied by the feeling of total helplessness.

    Great shot, and I have to say I "prefer" to see tornados from this angle (and this far away !!)

  14. rhyspope 39 months ago | reply

    Check out this amazing example of our weather at its best!
    You deserve this award for the best weather in the world!
    Reflect Me Some Colour
    Weather Worldwide
    Come and get Blown Away!!!

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