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With inspiration from Weegee, I've made myself an invisible flash from a #87 Lee filter, a flash diffuser, and some cardboard and black tape. If you look right at it when it goes off you see a dim red blip, which isn't bright enough to even make you blink.

There's more information on making, testing, and using an 'invisible' infrared flash in the following sets:

Making the filter
Testing exposure
Testing focus [use a narrow aperture]

These tests were done using Kodak high-speed infrared film, which Kodak has announced will be discontinued as of December 2007.

Update 2009: I have an IR-converted D100 now, and the same results seem to apply; about a 1-stop loss in flash output. I'll get around to doing some more rigorous tests soonish!

Digital IR

Digital IR

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