• these are nice - Te†i~†o†s
  • NPU! :D - | MolochBaal ⟩
  • So simple, so clever. - Alex Mac.
  • I will be most likely wrong, but is that the idea from gambort or are they your own? Still this is pretty awesome, especially in this color! - imagination DUCK
  • I see what you did there. - The Acquaintance Crate
  • Indeed, perfect usage - Bart Willen
  • I've used it lots of times, and seen it in tons of creations. Maybe you have something else in mind. This is really old technique, nothing new. :) I would give credit if it was somebody else's idea. It's just tiles on plates on an angle.
  • Clever - gambort
  • I recently posted a roof using it so I suspect that's where the confusion comes from. As you say it's old, old, oooooold (as are the cactii I sometimes get credit for). - gambort
  • Yeap, cacti are also ooold. At first I noted that it's not mine, but later on I've gave up. Those cacti are common as the horses in wild west. ;) I'm not sure, but I think Brian Darrow first made those. At his Indy train dio? Or it's even before that?
  • Great tehnicque! - Klementina Kos
  • I think it's before that. In the LUGNET only days. Someone must have invented them but it wasn't me or you! - gambort

Great West Railway Station

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Small wooden railway station. Built for our club's western diorama.

For all other western creations for diorama see my western folder.

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  1. sqiddster 44 months ago | reply

    Wow, this is really nice.

  2. Matija Grguric 44 months ago | reply

    Yes, those spam guys are really boring. Do they use some of software to put comments on images, or they do it manually? :/ Either way, not cool. I don't think they even look at the image.

  3. The Acquaintance Crate 44 months ago | reply

    Of course they don't. You could write ''F$#k you all'' and the next comment would be ''Great shot, Now look at the garbage on my stream''.

  4. Matija Grguric 44 months ago | reply

    Yeah, it's actually kind of sad. I am also active on MOCpages, and there are a bunch of kids who do that, and then post "PLZ, PLZ take a look at my creations". But I can get that, they are kids, enthusiastic about LEGO, and internet, and us AFOLs are kind of raw models to them. In a way, it's nice and I almost always in the end look at their creations or comment. But, those people here are ADULTS with nothing else to do. Well, that is just pathetic. ;)

  5. The Acquaintance Crate 44 months ago | reply

    True. I'm 98% shure that they make a profit off doing that somehow, maybe by tricking people into buying copies of thier art, or maybe advertisments or somthing. If people do that just because they want attention, that would really suprize me.

  6. felipe_gabaldon 44 months ago | reply

    Congrats on Explore!!!

  7. Dr. Ilia 44 months ago | reply

    Cool shot
    This photograph is truly worth A Thousand Words!
    A Thousand Words!

  8. Klementina Kos 44 months ago | reply

    Very beautiful! ;)

  9. AchillesPDX 44 months ago | reply

    Is that Kaylee from Firefly standing on that platform?

  10. Amhakia 44 months ago | reply

    Sexy build, Matija...love the color work.

  11. sonicstarlight 44 months ago | reply

    Easily the best train station I've seen in Lego! Blogged on Brick Town Talk!

  12. mattsbrickgallery.tumblr.com 44 months ago | reply

    Extremely awesome. This was added to mattsbrickgallery.com's queue. Check back soon for the post.

  13. gipmetro 44 months ago | reply

    This is a phenomenal build.

  14. hrcywindu 44 months ago | reply

    Any once again, my jaw dropped in jawdropping way, because of your jawdropping MOC :O

  15. brick.spartan 44 months ago | reply

    Exceptional work, well done.

  16. Matija Grguric 44 months ago | reply

    Thank you all for the kind comments and for all the blogging! :)

  17. Deviet 44 months ago | reply

    I love it Matija, your latest builds are all so inspiring! Keep at it, can't wait to see more! ;)

  18. - Derfel Cadarn - 44 months ago | reply

    This is just wonderfull! Love the colourscheme and all those great details. Just been browsing your recent mocs and you've really been on a roll this year. Great work, keep 'em coming!

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