Ask Flickr: how do I change this light bulb?

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    I've got these overhead lights in my house that are fairly new. I need to paint this room, including the ceiling and also replace the bulb.

    But there's no hardware of any kind. No screws, tabs, nothing. I can't twist the glass lamp part nor can I get the metal surround to budge. I can't seem to push up with the glass. Basically, I can't see any way into this light and I can't get any part to even jiggle in any direction.

    So I ask thee of Flickrstan, how on earth am I supposed to disassemble this?

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    1. arvind k 27 months ago | reply

      How many flickr members does it take to change a light bulb ? :)

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    2. nchoz 27 months ago | reply

      love this. congrats on making the Flickr blog!
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    3. AGrinberg 27 months ago | reply

      Haha! what a surprise to find 47,000 views on this! :)

      8,8,8 of course.

    4. Wulfrunner 26 months ago | reply

      These fixtures are horribly deceptive... some visually similar designs do not have a locking mechanism or a thread, though the housing may have become misaligned and trapped the glass dome. I tried rotating to no avail, then had the cardboard box and the hammer ready to shatter the dome. I thought I would try tapping the metal ring gently as a last resort and--surprise surprise--I was able to pop the dome out.

    5. ysnxo 24 months ago | reply

      Thank you, delfuego. This helped me (=

    6. HaryPotter 22 months ago | reply

      I had the same light and I used a screw driver to nudge the dome and off it came.
      Without using the screw driver I couldnt have just done it by hand.

    7. webmasterpdx 18 months ago | reply

      All these types are the same. It's has both a small screw distance and a double bump on both sides that slides behind protrusions in the base, so it's both a push and turn and also a slight screw thread (very short). So you turn in counterclockwise while pushing. YOu may have to turn it back and forth a few times to get it. I had to wear rubber gloves to give me traction. Another thing to watch out for. I'm using the newer fluorescent bulbs and the one in this light is actually slightly shorter than the norm. When you put the norm in it it actually broke the tip and I now have to go out and buy a shorter bulb...:-)
      Anyhow, it looks to me like this is a stadard type of it should be the same in all. BTW< mine looks exactly like the picture except the base is white.

    8. rcad2 18 months ago | reply

      holy cow, this was crazy. the easiest thing for me was to hit around the dome with my knuckles or palm and it twisted off counter clockwise. Thank you for all the comments as it helped out.

    9. PrincessInTraining 17 months ago | reply

      thanks I googled this in order to replace my own lights.. :-)

    10. naomimit 17 months ago | reply

      Whoever designed these light fixtures does not get a positive rating from me. I'm so frustrated because I'm having no luck getting the dome off. Argh!

    11. lmae222 17 months ago | reply

      WOW... thank you! I just moved into a house that has this light fixture and thanks to the internet and everyone who posted here, I was finally able to change a lightbulb!

      Mine, however, was attached to a fan... I completely disassembled the fan fixtures, saw a bunch of wires but no lightbulb, so I put them back together, and after 4-5 hours I finally gave up.

      Then I went to the internet, and in literally 2-3 minutes, I found this post.

      The dome eventually budged.


    12. lisabell589 15 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much. Would never have thought to apply upward pressure and turn counterclockwise (so much for left loosy, right tighty), and then have the faith to just keep turning!

    13. Of the Moon 15 months ago | reply

      Not working...... can get it to budge. What a stupid design.

    14. phonenews4u 15 months ago | reply

      Good stuff, I had the same issue and looked online. I find it helpful, actually a little hint - I have to apply pressure not at the center but around the edges and it worked !!

    15. pemory 14 months ago | reply

      Someone on one of the sites I perused suggested trying to pry the fixture off by inserting a screwdriver between it (the fixture) and the light cover. This was the charm in my case since the original installer had NOT tightened the fixture securely to the ceiling.

    16. terter1990 14 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the help! I . I had tried turning the glass, but it didn't work and I was worried about breaking it so I just googled "change dome fixture lightbulb" and this was the first choice. Reading the first answer eased my fear that the glass would break. So I tried again, using more pressure and voila!

    17. seamusoferne 10 months ago | reply

      The advice about an A-frame ladder and rubber gloves is good. I have three of these glass dome lights. One was easy to turn. One took more effort and moving the ladder here and there to get the best grip on it. The third defied multiple attempts. I was sure it was just stuck, so I dampened a q-tip with mineral oil and spread it around the dome between the glass and the rim. Then a few taps and jiggles to spread the oil and the glass finally came off!

    18. AGrinberg 10 months ago | reply

      I like that. 100 months after asking the question you are still getting answers!

    19. itworked 5 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your suggestions, we tried for weeks to remove it moving it counterclockwise until it got stuck and the metal parts started to turn as a single unit also. My husband was ready to hit the dome with a hammer but I asked him to allow me to pin the metal against the ceiling with the end of a broom stick while he pushed or moved the dome, it worked right away! he had to untwist all the electrical wires that got twisted as he had turned the whole thing counterclockwise.

    20. ilsa8874 5 months ago | reply

      Well, got the darn thing off the ceiling, including the electric part, was able to screw the electric part back into the ceiling, put in a new bulb, but now I cannot get the dome back into the fixture/electric part. There are two metal clams and I cannot get them to work and keep the dome on them. Help, anyone?

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