• button nose
  • hmmmm. i just see a rorschach-esque image. perhaps helpful landmark annotations are appropriate? ( er. by the time i posted this note, you had already added an annotation. carry on. carry on. ) - snowdeal
  • ipod - jessamyn
  • This was the baby's hand/fist, which she kept in front of her face the whole time. it took a while to get this shot showing the face without the hand obscuring it

Baby head!

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Baby head!

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  1. lia ages ago | reply

    yayy baby!

  2. Andrew Huff ages ago | reply

    Looks like it's playing guitar. :)

  3. plemeljr ages ago | reply

    go baby, go! (what else can you say besides, freaking cool?!)

  4. fenriq ages ago | reply

    Its a very surreal concept to be looking at your child in utero. Watching the baby move and the heart beat is just so outrageously cool!

  5. daveadams ages ago | reply

    Awesome! I remember that giddy feeling.

  6. scottpartee ages ago | reply

    Great! It just keeps getting better and better, too. Although I don't know if my wife woulds say that about the pregnancy, I sure thought so!

    Babies really are one of life's purest joys. They don't even know how to be mean or nasty, they just "are".

  7. Will Bragg ages ago | reply

    Very cool, although ultasounds always make me dizzy.

  8. whatnot ages ago | reply

    much cuteness with the little button nose! She has a good profile.

  9. chookgal ages ago | reply

    wow- that is just so cool! I can't wait to meet her!

  10. girlhacker ages ago | reply

    It's like Flickr notes are made just for ultrasounds! Particularly for pointing out cute noses.

  11. Joni.Maccheroni 38 months ago | reply

    The first pic of a whole new life, that's really exciting

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