• It looks kinda like metafilter, doesn't it?

MetaFilter on Six Feet Under?

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I can't tell if that's a page of comments from MetaFilter or a Wordperfect-style blue background word processor on the weird guy's screen.

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  1. michael.buffington 118 months ago | reply

    Wow. Carrie and I said the same thing when we saw this. But there are no ads. It looks like old Word Perfect or something.

  2. mathowie 118 months ago | reply

    But there are no ads.

    If you scroll down a bit on a long comment page, there aren't any ads showing. It was just the way all the weird line breaks looked in the episode, as if they were comments inline on the site.

  3. tomcosgrave 118 months ago | reply

    You could mail the show and ask them? I'd tend to believe it is meFi - the show is known for paying attention to detail, and the guy sitting at the desk looks somewhat like a typical "geek" that would read MeFi?

  4. milov 118 months ago | reply

    I tab away from Metafilter whenever people stop by my desk. :)

  5. jkottke 118 months ago | reply

    But there are no ads.

    Perhaps he's logged in? That would be hard core.

  6. beastmaster 118 months ago | reply

    Microsoft Word in blue mode?

  7. jburka 118 months ago | reply

    in the HD version, it looks like it's in a browser window -- the screen's bevel is black, the toolbar at the top is grey, and there's a text-sized white line across the toolbar toward its top...

  8. filchyboy 118 months ago | reply

    More importantly what does "Keep Your Disside" mean?

  9. Lush 118 months ago | reply

    Note the absence of bright yellow boldified link text though.

    (Unless that's one helluva long comment.)

  10. llamaday 118 months ago | reply

    The girl that sits across from Claire had it on her screen as well.

  11. Nick Douglas 118 months ago | reply

    What's the toolbar down the left?

  12. timmorgan 118 months ago | reply

    Looks like Lotus Notes behind the browser/word processor.

  13. ParisParamus 118 months ago | reply

    Amazing that someone would notice that. Hilarious.

  14. rjw1 118 months ago | reply

    cant we shout "enhance!" at the image until it shows us what the text says. It seems to work on CSI and Bladerunner

  15. RiffRaff 118 months ago | reply

    Metafilter: KEEP YOUR DISSIDE

  16. jjg 118 months ago | reply

    I don't think so. Looking at the HD shot, I don't see the telltale "posted by _____ at 12:34 PM" lines after each comment. Even if you couldn't make out the links, every paragraph would end with a short line.

    It could be one really long comment taking up the whole screen, though.

  17. heather 118 months ago | reply

    and doesn't that guy look like Merlin? just a little, and from the back only..

  18. mathowie 118 months ago | reply

    The nerds have gone all CSI and maybe it was just a word processor after all.

  19. haasim 118 months ago | reply

    It just occured to me, I can't think of any popular web site (other than MetaFilter) that has a blue background and wads of text.

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