• for all the hours spent in airports
  • more airport statuses, when I was trapped for hours in one place
  • Election 2004 reactions, throughout the night
  • work related: Oz is a conference room
  • these are the most dreaded statuses
  • My favorite away status to be in
  • World Series Win
  • at boring meetings, when I like to chat instead of listen, I remain in the available state
  • vacations!
  • when I'm working on the road, I like to tell everyone in a subtle way I'm in their town. An hour after my status says "in San Francisco" I'll inevitably get a lunch or dinner offer from friends, which is great when you didn't plan ahead.
  • I use the Lunch away status every day, to put some separation between working at home and eating lunch & relaxing. I don't nearly use the out for a run status enough.

iChat status

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Being a remote employee, I live for IM and the entire office uses it religiously. We also use status as a presence monitor and I noticed today I have racked up a story of my life over the past six months, in statuses.

I felt like maybe starting another shared screenshot thing for flickr, so I encourage you to join in if you have a similar story to share.

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  1. hummanna ages ago | reply

    love this!

  2. DYFL ages ago | reply

    How'd you capture your screenshot? The menu closes if I use Grab, and Cmd-Shift-4 only saves a .PDF...

  3. boogah ages ago | reply

    open the pdf up in preview and then choose "export" from the file menu. that ought to let you convert the image into a jpg.

  4. mathowie ages ago | reply

    I'm using SnapzX or something like that (I forget the name) which does great screencaps on the fly, totally replacing the standard cmd-shift-3 functionality.

  5. david ages ago | reply

    How'd you capture your screenshot? The menu closes if I use Grab, and Cmd-Shift-4 only saves a .PDF...

    I did mine by hitting Cmd-Shift-4 and then hitting spacebar. Flickr accepts PDFs!

  6. jonknee ages ago | reply

    And you can always covert from PDF to JPEG by using something as simple as Preview (File>Export).

  7. ginatrapani ages ago | reply

    "partly assy with a chance of shittiness" is by far my favorite.

  8. DYFL ages ago | reply

    Thanks for the help, everybody, got mine posted. And agreed about 'partly assy.'

  9. girlwonderful ages ago | reply

    i'm so using that partly assy thing. SO using it.

  10. Your Pal Bill ages ago | reply

    PDX has *free* wi-fi throughout the terminal now... no need to connect through bluetooth anymore!

  11. mathowie ages ago | reply

    Finally! That's like five years too late. Thanks for letting me know, I'll actually show up early next time then.

  12. Heart38 65 months ago | reply


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