Yogurt is not a big truck

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    It's a series of tubes

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    1. allaboutgeorge 94 months ago | reply

      Sen. Ted Stevens (R.-Alaska) would beg to differ.

    2. Chris Pirillo 94 months ago | reply

      Maybe not, but but Yogurt Tubes taste just like big trucks...

    3. precipice 94 months ago | reply

      That's hilarious -- I saw these at Berkeley Bowl yesterday and thought, "Why did I see those in real life before I saw them on the internets?" I was a day too early.

    4. whatnot 94 months ago | reply

      odd. I just got home from the grocery store, where I bought a box of these for kid snackin', only to find a photo of them in my contacts.

      Maybe Sen. Stevens will be pleased to know that these tubes contain no growth hormones or dangerous pesticides.

    5. rouseville 94 months ago | reply


    6. geekdreams 94 months ago | reply

      This yogurt was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday, and I just got it yesterday. Why?

    7. bouncing [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

      That is truly a bucket of awesome. Someone should go through with sharpie markers and add the words "series of" to those packages.

    8. roobarb! 93 months ago | reply

      I am entirely lost.

    9. shegar2006 86 months ago | reply

      i dont get it

    10. ehurtley 79 months ago | reply

      Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska made a (horrible) analogy explaining that the Internet wasn't like a bunch of big trucks running down the highway, it was like a series of tubes.

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