Just a finger away from the wheel

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  1. allaboutgeorge 120 months ago | reply

    Careful when you put that thing in drive.

  2. Nico.... 120 months ago | reply

    Mate of mines gone a bit mad and done this with an LCD attached to a Mac mini, which lives in the glove box.

    He figures for a couple hundred more he gets a lot of scope for doing other stuff on the dashboard.

  3. optovox [deleted] 120 months ago | reply

    What's the device plugged into the bottom? Is that an FM-tuner thing, or is it directly wired to your speakers, and how well does it work?

  4. mathowie 120 months ago | reply

    It's a belkin car charger that goes from the ipod charger port to your cigarette lighter. It's also got a line-out plug, which I hook a short piece of headphone cable to, which leads to the aux input of my stereo.

    This way, there's just one wire to connect to my iPod and it is always charged.

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