Learning to program

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    Learning to program

    1. Robyn's Nest ages ago | reply

      He's adorable!

    2. ad hoc cook [deleted] ages ago | reply

      dangerously cute, sir!

    3. katgyrl.com ages ago | reply

      aww, babies just look like babies, no concern if a few peeps mistake her gender. cute is cute, and that photo is uber kee-oot !

    4. Erika Hall ages ago | reply

      only gets cuter...particularly in proximity to technology.

    5. ernie ages ago | reply

      Your baby and a keyboard! The two most precious things in Matt's life!

      (Okay, maybe Kay as well. or MetaFilter.)

    6. lia ages ago | reply

      learning to program by osmosis! awesome.

    7. holgate ages ago | reply

      Just not ColdFusion, okay? She's too cute for that.

    8. rzsyd ages ago | reply

      I was thinking 2001 too.

    9. misled ages ago | reply

      You can tell you're a good father because you're placing her next to the best keyboard ever made.

      (Assuming I'm not mistaken and this is indeed a Natural.)

    10. ginormous hands [deleted] ages ago | reply

      S/he'll stop being called h(im|er) in about two years...

    11. pecus ages ago | reply

      uhm... that baby's cap is just so fashionable on her!

    12. Rick Scully ages ago | reply

      She needs a little headset for voice recognition. Repetitive stress injuries are worse for infants, afterall.

    13. czelticgirl ages ago | reply

      Matt, Fiona is not an acceptable wrist rest.

      She is just too adorable, though.

    14. Jordan Brock ages ago | reply

      I have a similar shot of my daughter!

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