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The dyson's maiden voyage

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The dyson's maiden voyage

  1. Punsalan 120 months ago | reply

    Oh man. I want a Dyson... with suction that is ten times that of gravity!

  2. pb 120 months ago | reply

    I hear it's so powerful that once cat hair enters the event horizon, it actually goes back in time!

  3. scottpartee 120 months ago | reply

    looks like it worked beautifully!

  4. Silus Grok 120 months ago | reply

    Looks like the house is just about ready for madame Fiona's arrival.

    : )

  5. somebear 120 months ago | reply

    Just a question, how to you empty it without getting all the dust and stuff out in the air? I looks kinda cool and stuff, but the whole point (according to dyson's advertising in Denmark) is that you don't have to mess around with bags, but how do you do it then?

  6. mathowie 120 months ago | reply

    You pull the whole clear cannister out, carry it to a trash can, then hit a button to drop the bottom flap, and the dust and dirt fly out. Then you close the bottom by bringing the cannister down to the ground.

    It's all hands free and keeps the dust from going anywhere besides into your garbage. Very ingenious.

  7. strangecat 120 months ago | reply

    can you use it on your hardwood? we have two cats and our cheapo dirt devil doesn't pick it up off the hardwood.

  8. mathowie 120 months ago | reply

    It says you can use it on any surface and the head is supposed to adjust automatically. The downstairs in my house is half hard surfaces, half carpet and it seemed to work pretty well on the wood. I didn't do a thorough vacumming of the hard surfaces though.

  9. dooce 120 months ago | reply

    i IMPLORE you. please stop posting pictures of the gadgets you buy. i'm constantly hearing, "did you see what Matt just got? yeah, i think we need one, too."

    jon is diseased with gadget envy.

  10. blurb 120 months ago | reply

    Matt, I IMPLORE you to keep posting pictures and data involving gadgets. That cat hair is all the advertising Dyson needs.

    One day, we'll be pushing badly colored plastic sucking up volumes of dog hair.

  11. somebear 120 months ago | reply

    One day, we'll be pushing badly colored plastic sucking up volumes of dog hair.

    Ah, so you've been to my apartment?

  12. feralboy 120 months ago | reply

    I hate to piss all over your new vacuum, but ConsumerReports didn't like the Dyson as much as other vacuums they've reviewed. Quote from a review of the Dyson:

    "We can point you toward less expensive upright models that worked better overall than the DC14. They include the Hoover WindTunnel Self Propelled Ultra U6439-900, $300; Eureka Boss Smart Vac Ultra 4870, $140, a CR Best Buy; and Kenmore (Sears) Progressive with Direct Drive 34922, $300. The Hoover WindTunnel Bagless U5753-900, $200, is also a very good performer."

    Good news for me, because The Girl really wants one of these Dyson dealies. Something about them just makes people's brains shut off and start chanting "I want, I want..."

  13. kevindonahue 120 months ago | reply

    Please don't let my wife see this photo or she'll be picking 1 day shipping at Amazon.

  14. SML9 103 months ago | reply

    "Which" apparently test thousands of products that we buy, I'm a bit sceptical about what they say, why? Who are you more likely to listen to, a consumer group who test hundreds of products daily and quickly to get hurried results, then charge you for the privalige of reading their findings, or would you listen to people who use this one particular product week in week out? I know who I'd listen to.
    I've had my Dyson 6 years with no problems.
    I work in an electrical retailers, in the 3 years I've been there, I have never seen 1 Dyson brought in due to problems, says it all really.

  15. lisascenic 102 months ago | reply

    revolting and yet fascinating

  16. k-ideas 87 months ago | reply

    Thanks for posting a photo your Dyson (with all those dirt) here on the Creative Commons. I've linked and used it in my blog entry here,

    Thanks for posting the photo.

  17. GLOBI ۞ FUZZI 64 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called dyson, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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