New Musical Interfaces Concert April 2013 QMUL
Concert organised and curated by members of the Centre for Digital Music and the Media and Arts Technology program at Queen Mary University of London.

Location: QMUL Harold Pinter Studios, 18th April 2013.

+ Organizers: Chunyang Song, Andrew McPherson, Ben Bengler and Christopher Harte.

+ Technical Crew: David Wright, Chris Jack, Ting Lou and Shuang Liu.

Thanks to Ursula Sagar for the photos from the Mood Conductor performance.

+ Program:

1. Circumflex (Christian Heinrichs, Evan Morgan)
2. Magnetic Resonator Piano: Andrew McPherson
- Intermezzo (2011), Daniel Fox (Hunter Noack)
- The Masons of Heidelberg (2011), Daniel Shapiro (Elaine Chew)
3. sparsematrix (Alo Allik)
4. Schwanensee Splitter (Ben Bengler)
5. Air on a Note (Laurel Pardue)
6. Mood Conductor (Mathieu Barthet,
William Morrison-Bell,
Adam Whitfield,
György Fazekas)
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