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Padloping Island from 30,000 feet. In Nunavut, Canada

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Flying from London to San Francisco I took this shot as we were passing over the beginnings of Nunavut.

I can't imagine how cold that water must be. The ice structures hanging off the larger Padloping island that look like Austrian curtains are particular interesting.

Shot in Raw with kit lens through a scratched window. I'm lucky that it came out so clear.

Also see a picture taken 5 minutes before

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  1. ` ®© ROBERTO CARBONI 71 months ago | reply

    Very unique. Beautiful photo.congrats

  2. Kenn Harper 70 months ago | reply

    This is a wonderful photo and it brings back great memories for me. 41 years ago I moved to Padloping as a school teacher in the 1-room school that was then there. The community was all-Inuit with a total population of 38. I was teacher, and de facto administrator and medical officer. I was also only 22 years of age. The community was just to the right of the little bay near the left of the picture, just to the right of the two little lakes. The community closed at the end of that school year and the population reluctantly relocated to Broughton Island (now Qikiqtarjuaq), 60 miles to the north.

  3. richard.mcmanus. 70 months ago | reply

    An awesome shot seen in the Arctic and Antarctic Environment

    Great shot

  4. Rob Huntley - Kite Aerial Photography 69 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Nunavut Travel Pics, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  5. mathewbest 64 months ago | reply

    I' realise I've spent a good while just staring at the different ice formations in this picture.

  6. VLADIMIR NAUMOFF 61 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called I am Canadian, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Great Shot!

    We'd love to have your photo added to the our group

  7. Canada Explore | Explorez 58 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Locals Know, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  8. GEO M I 57 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous!! Magical!

  9. DonLB 56 months ago | reply

    Good photo!
    It looks better from the air than from the ground. I was stationed there on a USAF isolated assignment from Aug 1952 to Feb1953 along with 17 other personnel. We had to wait for 54 inches of sea ice before they could land a C-47 on the bay and be replaced by another crew.

  10. forestblue factory 55 months ago | reply

    Dear Mathew, I wanted to inform you that I used you beautiphul photograph to create a gallery on "WHY I LOVE CANADA" :)
    Canada has fabulouse nature which is the subject of my collection.

    warm greetings from rainy Amsterdam!

  11. Crystal III 46 months ago | reply

    DonLB, This is Mahlon Martin, I was stationed at Padloping also, as a Radio Operator. Went in on an SA-16 Sea Plane and out on a C-47 with skies. I only remember 12 people but maybe I was there a year earlier, Aug 51 to Feb 52.

  12. mathewbest 46 months ago | reply

    Ive always wondered what was down there on the long flights from Heathrow to San Francisco.

    To take a picture, then find people who recognize it is awesome!

    It would be great If any of you guys can post some notes on the picture that indicate where exactly you were, or where a sea plane would have typically landed.

    I still don't have a feel for how big the island is. I'll try and put a ruler on.

  13. Crystal III 45 months ago | reply

    Don, were you one of the 2 cooks at Padloping while I was there? Mahlon Martin.

  14. harrydalookie@yahoo.ca 44 months ago | reply

    My name is Harry Daniel Alookie, I was born on October 24th, 1962 at my parents cabin on the shore of the delight anchorage in Padloping Island. It was unfortunate that the community was relocated by force by the three level government during 1965-67. They promised better living conditions and low income housing along with 100% employment to those relocated. At that time the small community had houses, school, nursing station and abundance of wildlife. Today most of the relocatees are now deceased as well my parents who brought me to this world and today we have 98% unemployment and the housing which is provided by the three level government are based on what you do; for example if you are unemployed it is $60.00 a month and if you are employed or on wage economy making $30-$40K per year it cost $2k to $3K per month which equals to $24K - $36K a year so much for the promises made. At first they promised our parents that they would pay $2.00/yr. and 100% wage economy for the relocatees. I suppose it is colonialism, today I see my relatives slowly eaten away by alcoholism, drugs, suicide, disfunctional relationships, sterotying, precrasination, denial, violations towards women, greed and so forth.

    Harry Daniel Alookie

  15. harrydalookie@yahoo.ca 44 months ago | reply

    Today in Nunavut we have potential on our resouces widlife, clean air, uranium, zinc, diamonds, gold, silver, nickle, iron ore, coal, oil, natural gas and these the need of the whole world and they are just setting idle.

    Harry Daniel Alookie

  16. uqittuk 22 months ago | reply

    Anybody remember Karl Kristensen who was stationed there as a teacher?

  17. harrydalookie@yahoo.ca 12 months ago | reply

    Uqittuk, yes I remember Karl and his wife Piita; however I was too young to attend and when I was 4 yrs. old, folks got relocated to Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut formerly Broughton Island, Northwest Territories soon after 1999 when Nunavut become a new territory. About a year ago, I watched APTN TV show and Piita happened to take part in Akulivik, Nunavik (Northern Quebec) and that was the last time seeing her again and the tv show show was about traditional inuit living in the Canada's Arctic. Majority of Karl students then lives in Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut as where I now reside with a wife, children, and grandchildren, unfortunately older folks are now past away. Qikiqtarjuaq is also on facebook page as well those of us who are fortunate having computers at our homes or at workplace do have facebook page for those who may want to reconnect and this year Padloping Island's built-up areas are been cleaned-up or remediated as it was a former US Weather Station.

  18. fotoseltsam 2 months ago | reply

    Great capture!

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