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Self Portrait, Black Glass Ambrotype

After a good week and almost 10 plates poured, I'm finally starting to get results I'm willing to post on Flickr.


This shot represents a lot of things I was trying to accomplish with my wet plate collodion technique over the past week.


Goal 1: Get a good, even pour with no streaks.

Goal 2: Develop in a similarly even fashion.

Goal 3: Varnish it so it looks like it wasn't done by a 4 year-old.


Eastman Commercial B 8x10

Fujinar 300mm f/4.5 barrel lens

12 sec. @ f/4.5 + front fall, back swing

Bostick and Sullivan "Quick Clear" collodion

8x10" Black Glass Ambrotype

Jeff Salisbury operating camera

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Taken on December 13, 2011