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I spent a few days in Mar Azul with my man, out of this fucking city, and this little trip makes me think about my ways and our ways of enjoying life and doing things. We are living in a very crazy time where the things that you are suposed to do for having a good time are all about to be 'an active person', all is a constant and false estimulation everywhere, you have to be active and running from side to side or you are a shit. I'm talking about consumption, publicity, drugs, production. The rhythm of the city It's crazy, we are distorting our natural rhythms, fast food and all those shits.

Sometimes things are more simple and that's the way I live with my boy this days.

We were in the woods doing simple things like, walk trought the woods, go to the beach, watch movies, cook, sex, sunbathing, drink mate, smoke marihuana, sleep. Being in peace, being in silence, I enjoy so much the silence between us, I feel so confortable with him, his presence it's so natural to me, so harmonious. I didn't feel the presion of doing or saying anything, just be there. In an accident we burned money and it was great! We were so happy and we are so in love with each other.


Back home I'm feeling much more sensible and responsive, I feel open, the contact with nature sensitized me.


Just wanted to share this with you. This are a series of photographs I took with my Instant camera.




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Taken on October 12, 2009