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dpd:near and today's cup of coffee | by masaka
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dpd:near and today's cup of coffee

Sometimes we don't want to tell the exact place where the photo was taken, but just say "in Tokyo" or "in London". Hence defined dpd:near (somthing like foaf:based_near).


Flickr API provides accuracy attribute with its geo location data. It will be as low as 9 if you drop your photo in zoom-offfed map in the Organizer. So, flickr2rdf takes this value and generates something like:


<> dpd:generated [dpd:near [geo:lat "xxx"; geo:long "yyy"]].


See RDF for this picture for example.


And I tagged these pictures with "geo:accuracy=city" to say the accuracy level is as vague as city wide....

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Taken on February 2, 2007