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Longfinned Bristlenose Pleco - Ancistrus Female | by m.shattock
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Longfinned Bristlenose Pleco - Ancistrus Female

Common name: Longfinned Bristlenose Pleco, Bristlenose Pleco

Scientific name: Ancistrus sp

Average Adult Fish Size: 4 inches / 12 cm

Place of Origin: A large part of South America

Typical Tank setup: S. American biotope with rocks, bogwood/driftwood, and plants along with a moderate to strong current.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 10 gallon / 40 litre

Compatibility: Peaceful. A good algae eater that will not usually harm even the smallest fish. Does not eat live plants, just the algae on them.

Temperature: 71 – 80 Deg. F / 22 – 27 Deg. C

Water chemistry: pH 5.8 – 7.5

Feeding: The Bushy nose pleco is an omnivore species, but the bulk of its diet should always consist of vegetable matter. Canned green beans, spinach, lettuce, blanched zucchini, and cucumbers are all relished. Only give your Bushy Nose Pleco occasional treats in the form of live or frozen meaty foods. Algae wafers, spirulina based pellets, and flakes make up a good staple diet.

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Taken on January 8, 2018