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Marilyn Monroe / Jackie Kennedy | by Mary Bogdan
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Marilyn Monroe / Jackie Kennedy

Marilyn Monroe / Jackie Kennedy. This one is my favorite of the series, and here I juxtaposed Marilyn with her opposite (or arch rival) Jackie Kennedy. Same men in their lives... but Marilyn was known as the sensuous, sexy but "unstable" one and Jackie as the beautiful but totally composed "ice" princess... A very interesting balance of opposites. Here I used portraits made by Andy Warhol of each of the two women and their bodies and expressive hands are shared by a famous Ingres portrait. With Jackie's children tucked under her dress.


This series of five unpublished illustrations were created for a planned limited edition portfolio/book entitled "a whole lot of dead people and one resurrection". The illustrations depict images of individuals in history, art and mythology who have had characteristics either in common or directly opposite to their mirrored counterparts. The series was partly inspired by the human duality of goodness, evil, and other related opposites, and partly by the whim of playing cards...each illustration can be viewed from either side so that there is no visual "right side up".


All these illustrations date back to 1994, and were made using Photoshop 4, BEFORE LAYERS... quite a feat for that time.


Marilyn/Jackie, Mao/MostWantedMan, HenryVIII/Napoleon, Beria/Goebbels, Madonna&Child.


I am proud to say that this series of 5 illustartions won the Applied Arts contest , "The Best Advertising, Design, Photography and Illustration, in 1996 and was published in their Awards Annual.

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Taken on September 7, 2005