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    Assemblage, 18.75"w x 23"h x 3"d. 2002.

    One day, in the garbage heaps I usually search out, I found this wonderful old wooden box, I picked it up and it sat in my studio basement for months, waiting to be used. Right next to my Joseph Giunta poster, the exhibit that I had seen a few months earlier.

    I began to work in this fabulous box, and created this inner world inside it, never reading the name on the front of the box, the name of its previous owner. Having completed this assemblage and having shown it to my teacher and mentor, she read the name on the packing slip on the front of the box: “JOSEPH GIUNTA”.

    I had inherited his old paint box. And continued the art of assemblage. I felt as though I had been chosen to continue in his footsteps. This is a true story.

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    1. wastedpapiers [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Excellent work. I love it!

    2. a mere excursion ages ago | reply

      wow, thats a great story.

    3. Dr Tao ages ago | reply


    4. Baywhale ages ago | reply

      An incredible story. This is a lovely piece, the way the tools slot in perfectly and of course that dream paintbrush

    5. daerice ages ago | reply

      Again, the color and texture grabbed me before I even read the description. . . Then I read the description and really got a 'wow'

    6. Lorrie McClanahan ages ago | reply

      beautifully put together, and what a great story

    7. E_Journeys ages ago | reply

      Marvelous work! That story made me grin.

    8. pappy65 ages ago | reply


    9. Flexart ages ago | reply

      Very nice work!!!

    10. Collaging-Kristen ages ago | reply

      Where in the world do you live woman??? LOL, you find the best stuff! Great piece! :) Kristen

    11. Mary Bogdan ages ago | reply

      THANKS everyone !!!!!

      You guys are all inspirational to me and your very very kind words and wonderful works feed me.

    12. fouramjava ages ago | reply

      This is so much fun Mary! I love how everything has its place.

    13. Steve Schwartz ages ago | reply

      Certainly fun, but AA Gallery is about photography as art not photography of art.

    14. Jon Haynes Photography ages ago | reply

      strange how place, time, things and people are so intertwined, where was the box found relative to the exhibition

    15. Mary Bogdan ages ago | reply

      YES bluhousworker, it is an extremely strange experience. The box was originally found just around the corner from Giunta's home, in a spot which people from around the neighbourhood used as a mini dumping ground... but it was always a favorite spot of mine as I had found many wonderful items before and since. I often use it as a route to go home, as I know I may find a treasure.

      At the time that I picked up the Giunta box, I had also picked up a very large, heavy, wooden '40s armchair with carvings on the wooden armrests and the original red uphostery still in tack. I'm feeling that it had also belonged to Giunta, who had died just before his first solo show (the one I saw). He was 90.

      I guess that at the time I found the box, the family had been in the process of throwing out all of his "stuff".

      Thanks bluhousworker, for asking.

    16. Noshferatu ages ago | reply

      that's an amazing find and some serious history behind an art work, love it

    17. Ruby Corazon ages ago | reply

      What a fantastic story!

    18. Ihatewetsocks 112 months ago | reply

      my brothers name is joseph giunta.

    19. Anne-Miek Bibbe 81 months ago | reply

      ~ D~E~L~I~G~H~T~F~U~L ~ & ~ V~E~R~Y ~ B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L!
      I love this box!
      I like your artwork very much!

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