19h-7h I

19h-7h I, 2001, 60"w x 26.5"h, mixed media painting on masonite board.


A collection of no parking signs (7pm to 7am)... these were left behind at the end of the winter here in Montreal. They were quite worn out and I brought them home and I encorporated them into this painting. Also includes mangled Marlboro cigarette pack found on the streets of Montreal in 2001.


This is one of my first mixed media paintings from found objects from the streets of Montreal.

  • Mondo Lulu 10y

    I wish these were bigger. I'd love to get lost in the details...
  • Joe 10y

    Nice work, Mary.
  • wastedpapiers 10y

    Lovely! These will fit well in the Collage Kids group.
  • tararossstudios 10y

    I agree with dzgnboy, I wish it were bigger. Technically superb, emotionally thrilling!

  • Lorrie McClanahan 10y

    really great textures and composition
  • senyol 10y

    nice work. i like the rugged right bottom corner.nice drips there!
  • ::enrapture:: 10y

    i love your style Mary!
  • Mary Bogdan 10y

    Thank you all!!!... it's greatly appreciated. Especially coming from such great artists as yourselves. I'm honored.
  • Ron Huxley 10y

    Love this kind of stuff. Excellent artwork.
  • Jon Haynes Photography 10y

    Yes..Please post larger images of your paintings. I want to show them to a gallery here in Frederick Maryland, I think they would want to exhibit your work.
  • Mary Bogdan 10y

    Thanks for your comment, copraflux. I have certainly taken your suggestion and uploaded larger images since your comment. I cannot change this one though. sorry.
  • Zone Patcher 10y

    very post-modern...interestin peice...great Art..!!
  • NMCIL 10y

    Really nice work - I too wish you could post them larger. There is so much to look at - would love to be able to see some of your details.
  • Mary Bogdan 10y

    Hi everyone, Yes, I have just updated this image to a much larger version. And hopefully it will sarisfy your curiosity with all the marvelous details.
  • Dave Gray 10y

    interesting direction mary -- i like it
  • davekpcv 5y

    I like this
  • Fernando Corbo 5y

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