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A_Humument_0067 [into the dog pool] | by Mary Bogdan
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A_Humument_0067 [into the dog pool]

A_Humument_0067 [into the dog pool]


I threw my [ Human Document or Humument ] into a small kiddy swimming pool I setup every year for our two dogs Pluto and Halle, And this year was no exception... except that after they've had their day of fun in the pool, I decided to just throw my four books right into the water... along with all kinds of other stuff I'd accumulated over this long period of time, including all the dogs' poop (excrement) left behind in the garden, coffee pods and tea bags, flowers from my garden, grass, dead leaves... and so it's morphing, once again into something else... again...


...I am very intrigued by the previous comments about this being an "angry" act (throwing the books into the doggy pool)... It seems to me more of a ritualistic act... the laying out of the books into a beautiful blue pool of water in the sunlight... where the dogs had laid... it seems a beautiful thing to me... now. And the sprinkling of the flower petals and leaves... and the books look so at peace...


...yes, "anger" is really a great descriptor of me... I carry great anger (normally)... but I am mellowing with age and this piece... the progression of this piece has been a spiritual/ritualistic experience for me... and yes, my description is a bit more "aggressive" than the art piece itself... But, that's OK, too. It can be both, two sides that are contrasting and complementary... Thanks so much, for pushing my mind to analyze this, you've been very helpful, in my process, at the moment...


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Taken on July 31, 2006