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Photos: outdoor assemblage #4 - felled. Part 1.

There was a storm of enormous magnitude in the middle of the night Friday, July 21, 2006... my father's death anniversary. Lightning and thunder were rattling the house... power lines were falling. We had a power black out and suddenly the sound of everything electric stopped... fridge, tv, air conditioner and all we could hear was the panting of our shaking and shedding golden retriever, Halle Bop. She jumped on the bed... we heard the crashing of branches outside and it continued most of the night. Eventually the storm subsided and we fell asleep. The power did not return until the light of dawn.


The next morning, I discovered one of my outdoor assemblage pieces, an art sculpture, had been knocked over... felled by the storm. My large outdoor works are temporary... I am continually reinventing and reassembling them, season after season, and so I do not actually attach the parts together permanently, but only utilize gravity by stacking the elements. I was in the process of working on one and had just "finished" it for the summer. Although it was big, the storm was fierce enough to knock it over... all this on the night of my father's memorial anniversary.


There is no record of this assemblage (#4), in its previous incarnation... however, the collapsed version with a few very minor adjustments by me, yielded the collaboration between me and god.


The creative process continues... as I inspect and record the felled assemblage with my camera, thereby creating these inspired images.


I felt it was a fitting way for an artist to remember and honor their father's memory.


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Taken on July 23, 2006