two birds with one stone.

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    tagged le twice.

    ten facts about me
    1. today i decided to become a nicer person by trying to extend grace to people, all the time.
    2. i'm obsessed with weddings.
    3. i love lace.
    4. today i had the urge to want to get married to someone in the military so i can get married right out of college.
    5. my mindset has completely skipped the rest of my educational life and gone straight to married life in general
    6. today is my week single-after-being-in-a-year-and-seven-months-relationship anniversary. go me.
    7. i can't stand about 98% of the people i see everyday.
    8. i'm going to get a tattoo.
    9. i enjoy high-waisted skirts. even though i only own one.
    10. the hardest sin i struggle with is hating my mother.

    favorite movies of all time (in no particular order, and probably missing a few)
    1. across the universe
    2. speak
    3. the breakfast club
    4. juno
    5. the nightmare before christmas (since i was like five, before it was cool, justsaying)
    6. the lion king
    7. little miss sunshine
    8. the little princess
    9. fight club

    ehhh that's all i got. random tags

    please tell me if you've used any of my pictures.

    1. Light In The Air [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      8: what of? :)
      i've never seen any of those movies. i should check them out. :) well, i guess the lion king i have seen, haha.

      i love the black and white, thanks for the tag! <33

    2. courtney▼renee 69 months ago | reply

      i agree 110% 4,5,7,8,9 &&&&&& 10! Honestly!

    3. kirsten grace :) 69 months ago | reply

      juno, the breakfast club are also two of my favorites. watched juno last night actually :) and is speak a movie version of the book by laurie halse anderson? cause if so, i definitely want to check that out. one of the first books i read as a pre-teen that i actually enjoyed. (besides judy blume of course.)

    4. mel.bell 69 months ago | reply

      Light In The Air pretty much of this. i definitely recommend across the universe, its a musical made with songs by the Beatles. there are a lot of references to drugs and stuff like that, but it's been a while since i've seen it so i can't remember everything :/. but the nightmare before christmas was like my childhood! it's amazing.
      Courtney Valentine haha we're practically twins!
      kirsten grace :) yes think its based off that book, but i've never read it. it's pretty good. young kristen stewart is the main character and she does a good job.

    5. kirsten grace :) 69 months ago | reply

      cool ill check it out.

    6. torinae 69 months ago | reply


    7. FG C 69 months ago | reply

      I LOVE little miss sunshine! and fight club rocks on! good ones ! :)

    8. Signe Peluffo 69 months ago | reply

      #7 - I know how you feel about that ... It's awful!
      I just saw the Lion King! :D In German, wtf? (My mother tongue is Danish) I love Across the Universe!! :)

    9. J'adore Je t'aime 69 months ago | reply

      Such a cute portrait of you. :)
      Love your list of favorite movies. <3

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