• :-))))) I can imagin that too.... - IDO G.
  • :-))) - i can imagin that too.... - IDO G.
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principles of uncertainty

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23x23 in. on 1/2 inch birch plywood

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  1. House of Abstraction 72 months ago

    Thank you very much, alain and contessa : ))

  2. ruth7ang (low gear) [deleted] 72 months ago

    Oh no, a flood with those cars almost drown ... lol!! You're a really good artist.. thks for comments :))

  3. robinson5834 72 months ago

    what an inspiration !

  4. House of Abstraction 72 months ago

    thank you so much, Finkle Dinkle, ruth and rudi : )

  5. A n t o i n e t t e 72 months ago

    look at your wonderful following here! I'm seeing boats in the distance and really loving this piece!

  6. House of Abstraction 72 months ago

    thank you for visiting, antoinette. it always brings a smile : )

  7. Olivier Rouault 72 months ago

    je ne sais si ca vaut le coup de rajouter mon petit commentaire; celui ci est tres beau, il fait rever (on se dit aussi: pourquoi n'est-ce pas moi qui l'ai fait) bravo encore

  8. House of Abstraction 72 months ago

    oh merci beaucoup, Olivier : ))

  9. manfred schloesser 72 months ago

    Mary Ann, this is a masterpiece! I love your art.
    About your title "Principle of Uncertainty"
    Coined by German phycisist Heisenberg in the middle of the 20th century. It is about quantum physics and the meaning is that you cannot determine both momentum and location of a particle simultaniously even if you use the most precise instruments. The reason is that you are interacting with the particle- if you detemine one parameter the other one is influenced and vice versa.

  10. House of Abstraction 72 months ago

    Hi Manfred. I am a huge fan of quantum physics, and although principles of uncertainty sounded scientific I did not relate it to quantum physics. Ever since I watched the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know" I've been hooked. Thanks so much for your comment !

  11. Robert Hoover 71 months ago

    This is beautiful! Opening the door to your site, I feel like I am in the Museum of Modern Art or the Whitney. Lovely, stunning work!

  12. robinson5834 71 months ago

    this is YOU, stunning work, I like every stroke, every line !!!
    congrats !

  13. House of Abstraction 71 months ago

    oh thank you both very much for your elevating comments ! :-)

  14. she wolf- 70 months ago

    I sure do love this painting....

  15. slavko 27 70 months ago

    Love that compo!!!!

  16. House of Abstraction 70 months ago

    many thanks, di and slavko !

  17. ChazBØz 69 months ago

    This is beautiful! Your sense of color is amazing.

  18. tree F [deleted] 68 months ago

    amazing painting....

  19. M.Weppler 68 months ago

    Nice work! Lot of sensibility in the lines and the color nuances.(worked in transparences) You also take risks in choosing colors. It seems to me you have work very many years in painting to put out this beautiful work.

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