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Fun needs no tools!

Kids waiting for the ferry boat that goes to Qursaya Island (a very small rural island in the middle of the Nile in the area between Giza and Maadi, one of the biggest and the most urban suburbs in Cairo.), I loved their smiles, their innocence, their games, how they jumped in the river swimming...how they proved that fun need no tools.


What's special about Qursaya (which comes from the word Qurs which means round in Arabic) is that there was a dispute between the villagers living there and the government before the January revolution took place. The government wanted to kick out the villagers and take the land so they can hold a massive tourism project, and they did kick some people out of the island. The Court decreed that the government had no right in kicking out the villagers and they should give the land back, the government didn't respond though. After the revolution, some people took back their land. Hopefully there won't be any disputes in the future and the land will remain there for its owners.


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Taken on July 16, 2011