Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It

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    Photos of the book by Karen Solomon.

    1. booboo533 44 months ago | reply

      A comment about something I want to tackle in the kitchen....mmmm....I suppose this is more then my NEEDING to tackle the dishes, lol. Well let me think, I just juiced some grapes from a neighbors vines but the juice was so sour that I've decided if I'm going to make jelly I'll have to add some grape juice that tastes better to it. I don't think I'll have to worry about the pectin, but I'll be adding liquid pectin also. So my weekend project is going to be Grape jelly. While I'm on a roll I might defrost some pomegranate juice from the pomegranates I juiced last year and make some jelly from that. I've also been trying to find a recipe for Turkish Delight made from fruit juice like Pomegranate juice.

    2. mahanna2011 44 months ago | reply

      Sometimes a good tackle becomes an accident that ends up delicious. I usually peel, core, and neatly can pears. They look pretty but then they sit and turn brown cause they do not get eaten as quickly as my peaches. Then one day I had pears that were seconds. They did not look pretty. In desperation, we pulled out the Victoria strainer that I put my tomatoes through, tossed in the cleaned up pieces of pears including skin, seeds and all. The result was a delicious self made sweet pear sauce that when cooked down could be a pear butter. I canned this sauce and cannot keep it in house for any long period of time. It is easier and just as tasty as applesauce but does not require any sugar or seasonings. You could add cinnamon or red hots for color or flavor. So many options but the basic pears sauce is amazing. I'll never can pear halves again.

    3. Marisa | Food in Jars 44 months ago | reply

      and Thanks so much for your comment! If you wouldn't mind, could you please click over to the blog and leave your comment there? With so many entries, I can't keep good track of those elsewhere and I want to ensure that you have a chance to win.

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