Baba & Desi at Ocean Beach

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For Sazzy
Desi and Babalu at Ocean Beach with other small dogs this morning - they get so excited when you tell them that they're going to the beach. The weather could not have been more beautiful.

Please do not add "No to Flickr Video" bigotry in this image's comments. I understand there's a vocal community protesting Flickr's addition of a video feature. If you are among this number I do understand you POV but, after consideration, I think video is an interesting addition and that's my prerogative. If you don't like video on Flickr don't watch or contribute. I don't need a bunch of fascists telling me to f-off to You-Tube - it's up to each individual to choose without your sanctimonious, mean-spirited intimidation.

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  1. JVanSweden 84 months ago | reply

    That was "arfffully" cute!! Baba and Desi are wonderful!

  2. the other Martin Taylor 84 months ago | reply

    KD Cornwall? Wrong side of the north side divide - pure trans-Atlantic, middle-class Lancashire - sort of. I hate my accent.

  3. katbaro 84 months ago | reply

    i love how they come to you when you call

  4. hav_time 84 months ago | reply

    Do they always come that quickly when they are called? Did you have a treat for them?

  5. zyrcster 84 months ago | reply

    Your dog is a star! Please join DogVideo - Dogs on Camera and add this video to our pool.

  6. sazzy 84 months ago | reply

    good morning boyz...just had to come back and get a baba/desi fix...

    martin - we all love your accent!

  7. sazzy 84 months ago | reply

    what's cracking me up about this is they both stop when they hear you call but who comes right away? baba! desi is listening but continues to smell whatever is in that hole until you call JUST him!

    I think it has something to do with neutered/not-neutered.

  8. kingdufus 84 months ago | reply

    Don't hate your accent.

    What were they digging up? My guess is an escape tunnel.

  9. PJ Taylor Photo 84 months ago | reply

    I love that I can see my boys 'live' whenever I want! Martins' immortalized Project365Pooch. Dah!

  10. PJ Taylor Photo 84 months ago | reply

    Okay, so, I've figured out that the reason Desi doesn't come right away is he's MARKING that bit of seaweed and then he's turns back around and checks to make sure his scent is "signed, sealed and delivered." Only then can he run to Martin, as he's finished his business. Took only 3 watchings to figure this out...hee hee!

  11. sazzy 84 months ago | reply

    PJ - I'm tellin ya...I see Project Pooch 365 Video in yours and Martin's future...

    Not only am I playing this when I'm home but I'm showing everyone at work...over and over....

  12. sazzy 84 months ago | reply

    this has been viewed 648 times!!!!!

    contrary to popular opinion that ain't all me. I do admit to having this up on my computer most of the day but I just tested the "views" and it didn't count me when I came back in and viewed it there are 647 other baba/desi fans out there.

    good night guys...thanks for always making me laugh and smile.

  13. the other Martin Taylor 84 months ago | reply

    Sazzy - I think it's just the novelty of video on flickr rather than the power of Bab/Desi's cutitude.

  14. sazzy 84 months ago | reply

    viewed 748 times...

    happy sunday boyz.

  15. sazzy 84 months ago | reply

    guess who sneaked into explore when we weren't looking....


  16. sazzy 82 months ago | reply

    ok - just checking to make sure this is still popular and it 'tis!

    up to #124 on explore...viewed 1048 times cuz people can't get enough of baba and dez!

  17. drinkingastout 65 months ago | reply

    my two year old daughter was messing with my
    notebook and inadvertently found your video on Flickr.
    she loved it.

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