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Did you know that flying from airport Weeze to Oslo takes only 75 minutes? The more I fly, the more i realize how easy it is to get around. I use to think the Netherlands and Belgium where my playground, but it's already europe now and i'm still expanding. The world is getting smaller as a result of globalization.. Is it really that bad?

If you only take one bag as hand luggage, flying is fast. No waiting for your backpack and hardly any customs control. A short 25 minutes from the moment the wheels of the plane touched the ground of Norway, we are in our rental car and our way to Sykenhus F.

It's weird to realize that within the hour after you got into a country, you're climbing a fence and your trespassing your way into an old hospital. Not all buildings of Sykenhus F are abandoned. People are living there and some mental patients are treated and coached.

The first of the two buildings was easy to get into to, the second was surrounded by people and very well sealed. But we managed to find one tiny hole that we could squeeze ourselves through. It felt like walking around in a museum. We found a piano, his master's voice record players, electro shock therapy equipment and a lot of other cool stuff.

24 hours in Norway was great!!

when: june 2009

with: Bartje
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