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Château Lumiere (Fr)

april 2012, we drove all night into France and arrive just after midnight. Let's take a look now!


We shake off the weariness of a whole weeks work and decide what our access point is going to be.

We sneak around the back, hop the fence, make our way through the garden and when we reach the castle, the backdoor is open.

It's pitch-black inside. Our first impression of this majestic chateau is lit by our flashlights / headlights.


So we know it's easy access, now what? Sleep inside? We know too little about the castle to decide to do that and besides, we don't have our sleeping bags with us. We'll sleep in the car. We park the car in a dark corner of a parking lot.


When i wake up, i'm on my knees with my head on the passengers seat. How did i change from sitting in the seat to this in my sleep?

My body feels sore. The first rays of sunlight are visible. Time to go. We're on the move.

The architect of this place had a great vision of perspective and depth. Lines that intertwine, light that follows the curves of the building and mirrors that create a parallel world.

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Taken on August 21, 2012