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Château de la Forêt

We arrived at the premises just after sunset on a late summer night in 2009. We have brought all our camping gear and are planning to stay overnight either in or near the great castle X. We drive around the woods in wich the castle lies hidden to find a good spot to enter. We set our entering point and decide to first go in and have a look around before taking our backpacks.

We climb the ridiculous small fence and walk into the forrest. After a short while we see the castle, we take a walk around and see if there has been any activity lately that we can notice. We see nothing, hardly any car tracks, no paths where the grass has been flattened by people walking, seems pretty good so far.

We are going back to the car and get our backpacks. We walk away from the castle and into the forrest again. It's dark now and we thought we're heading in the right direction. But after an hour of struggling through the branches and bushes there's a ditch. shit, we went wrong. Our flashlights scare the pigeons (or at least birds) and they all flew up in panic, leaving us standing in the middle of a forrest. Small twigs fall down on us because of the birds. This kinda creeps us out, but finally we find our way to the car.

We set up our tents after checking if there's a way into the castle, wich there isn't. The rest of the moonlit night we spent drinking on the porch of the castle.


Early in the morning the real quest starts, trying to find a way into this beautiful castle. After coffee and some exterior shots we try hard and after trying several options we give up. We have spend the last hour and a half climbed and crawling not to find the smallest hole or anything. Then Lulu looks again at one the the options we tried before and she manages to get in. Excitement all over!!


I insist that we first pack our tents and backpacks and leave them in the woods in case anyone shows up. I have never ever packed my tent and bag so quickly. We leave the bags in the near woods and head back.


Inside we feel excited and we're a little afraid and we all have the feeling that we don't know where to begin and take photographs. It's overwhelming, everything is still here, paintings, furniture, everything. We check out the ground floor quickly and find our way the second floor. Mrtnski and Lulu and walking around taking picture's and i'm amazed at what i've encountered here. Then when mrtnski and Lulu head for the next room and i'm still taking one last shot, i hear something outside. I walk to the window and take a peak. I see a guy on a scooter driving up to the castle. Ok, relax, just see what he's up to, maybe just a care taker who take s a drive around every morning. He's drives a circle around the castle, stops at our entrance point (wich was not clearly visible), looks up and drives away.

It felt not good and a go get M & L and tell them we need to get out before he gets back, and i'm convinced he's getting back. Lulu has left her bag somewhere with all her films in it. We look for that and rush out of the castle.

We decide to wait next to our backpacks to see if the guy gets back and if not we can get in again. After about 10 minutes there are at least 5 people strolling through the woods with a dog. They are not shouting, but they certainly want to be heard. They are right between us and our way out, and all we can do is hide, wait for the best moment and head for the exit. And so it happens. We get out unseen and not caught, but we didn't get to see all of this beautiful castle. Better luck next time...


with: Mrtnski & Lulu


when: september 2009

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