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Golden Pheasant

California Condor Lorikeet feeding Golden Pheasant Gull at Cabrillo NM on cloudy day mandarin duck eggshell with ant Jamba on the windshield Jamba getting in the car Cat in window in Wrightsville, PA Cheetahs at San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park Jamba thinking about getting into the car Dottie July 1993 Turtles on rock on way back to Wrightsville, PA seal pup nursing male, female and elephant seal pup sleeping elephant seal male Elephant seal body lengths Sea anemones and orange fish Flock of snow geese close up with cows Snow geese flying, zoomed in

Various birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish (we may not have all of these yet.)

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siusi_cor says:

eu sou a-pai-xo-nada por esta ave! q escandalo de cores!
Posted 103 months ago. ( permalink )

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