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future blind

// Illustration_ Martin Grohs

// Photography_ Mayer George Vladimirovich, Tischenko Irina


Second place at the competition 'life 2050' in the Photoshop Creative Magazine // DE


What will we do?

Will we show our solidarity or tear each other?

It is essential: 2050 - a future without oil!


Just 39 short years yet.

How will the world look like? No oil, nowhere.

Will we then notice first that we aren't only on the oil but have arisen only from it?


Will there still be a "we"? Does not everyone then only by an "I"?

Everybody fights for his surviving. War. Each against everybody.


Shouldn't we devote much more the time, energy and money to the search for a substitute?

To then not stand there without any solution in 2050?


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Taken on January 31, 2011