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The Western Veil & Pickering's Triangle Supernova Remnant | by Martin_Heigan
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The Western Veil & Pickering's Triangle Supernova Remnant

A two panel widefield Narrowband (HaOIII bi-color) Mosaic of a section of the Veil Nebula Complex (Supernova Remnant).


The Veil Nebula is a cloud of heated and ionized gas and dust in the constellation Cygnus. It constitutes the visible portions of the Cygnus Loop (radio source W78, or Sharpless 103), a large but relatively faint Supernova Remnant. The source Supernova was a star 20 times more massive than the Sun, which exploded around 8,000 years ago. The remnants have since expanded to cover an area of the sky roughly 3 degrees in diameter (about 36 times the area of the full Moon). Data from FUSE (Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explore) places the nebula at a distance of about 1,470 light-years away. This category of Deep-sky Object is also known as a Filamentary Nebula.


The Western Veil & Pickering's Triangle:

This image shows 2 of the regions in Veil Nebula Complex:

The Western Veil (also known as Caldwell 34), consisting of NGC 6960 (the "Witch's Broom", "Finger of God", or "Filamentary Nebula") near the foreground star 52 Cygni;

Pickering's Triangle (or Pickering's Triangular Wisp), brightest at the north central edge of the loop, but visible in photographs continuing toward the central area of the loop.


Technical Info:

24 x 300 sec. 7nm Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha) per panel.

24 x 300 sec. 6.5nm Doubly Ionized Oxygen (OIII) per panel.

William Optics WO Star 71 Refractor Telescope.

Exposures at -20°C on my QHY163M Camera.

Integration time 8 hours total (4 hours per panel).

Calibration frames: Bias, Darks and Flats.


Image Acquisition:

Sequence Generator Pro with the "Mosaic and Framing Wizard".


Plate Solving: ANSVR Blind Solver via SGP.



Pre-Processing and Linear workflow in PixInsight,

and finished in Photoshop.


Astrometry Info:

Center RA, Dec: 312.171, 30.742

Center RA, hms: 20h 48m 40.959s

Center Dec, dms: +30° 44' 30.452"

Size: 2.55 x 1.78 deg

Radius: 1.554 deg

Pixel scale: 5.74 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: Up is 124 degrees E of N

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Taken on September 9, 2018