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The Golden Ratio ( 1 : 1.618 ) | by Martin_Heigan
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The Golden Ratio ( 1 : 1.618 )

The perfect Ratio of 1:1.618 that occurs everywhere in Nature.


In this example I used the Corona (Latin for Crown) of a Stapelia schinzii var. schinzii flower (from Namibia, Africa), to illustrate Nature's divine Ratio. The Inner and Outer Corona, and Corolla Lobes (Petals) all conform to this exact Ratio.


The Golden Ratio (or Golden Mean) can be found in everything from human anatomy, to a nautilus shell, galaxies, butterflies, insects, plants and flowers.


Architects used this formula (π / Phi) from the Parthenon to the Pyramids, and Renaissance Artists like Leonardo da Vinci used it for the Composition of the Mona Lisa.


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Read more about "The Golden Ratio" at Wikipedia.




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Taken on February 12, 2006