fogli di plastica a bolle d'aria
2011, interactive audiovisual installation, motion sensor, computer, analogue synthesizer, analogue delay, audio mixer, speakers and video projection
Cooperation with Markku Metso (FI), Jonne Pitkänen (FI)

In the interactive audiovisual installation “fogli di plastica a bolle d’aria”, a digital video projection stands in contradiction to an organic soundscape. The projection remains static and the speakers silent until a person’s motions are being detected. Then, the own body starts to gain control over analogue synthesized voices and computer generated visuals.
With this playful installation Bircher, Metso and Pitkänen are attempting to bring some magic and delight into the exhibition space. Interacting with “fogli di plastica a bolle d’aria” is meant to be as much an innocent joy as popping bubble wrap.

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