Fred's nest
Fred is a blackbird, (Turdus Merula) one of three I raised from chicks two years ago after their mother was eaten by a cat. He had two siblings, another male & a female both of which flew off after reaching adulthood. Fred stayed around and regards my garden as his territory.
Last year he found a 'wife' but they built their nest too low to the ground, the chicks were spotted by a rook which picked them off one by one until they'd all gone.
This year they've chosen to build in the laurel bush outside the sitting room window where I can see them easily.
So good!
I've decided to do a daily picture blog, just one photo a day so's not to disturb them too much, and hopefully follow it through to the fledging.
Blackbird chicks fledge early and sit near the nest until all have left, they are fed by both parents until they can fly then mum goes off to build another nest and dad takes over the feeding and raising of the chicks with mum helping a bit until she's sitting eggs again. The usually have three broods, all in different new built nests but can sometimes manage to fit four into the breeding time.
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