The Mart Rovereto
Photos by Fernando Guerra

"Our mission is to transform the extraordinary artistic and architectural legacy we have and which we intend to continue to expand into a tool able to add value to the entire community, promoting the resources of creativity and initiative, stimulating the interest of visitors and seeking their participation, sharing, interpreting and safeguarding an extraordinary collection."
Franco Bernabè - President


"Visionaries through trying to give form to the world, and futurists through finding a form of the world and through bringing together the please of the project’s sectors where there is no crisis in the passion for the future, where there is always space for desire and for its revolutionary essence.

We want a museum that is full of vitality and has a global breadth, representing the energy of places and persons, and which plays an active role in the life of the country in the present and future; a museum that is a centre of excellence and a welcoming destination, rich in emotions, surprising and innovative. An open museum that promotes new ideas, encourages debate, exchange and collaboration, a multi-faceted venue giving a voice to different opinions and perspectives through programmes and activities interpreting the complexity and density of contemporary society, international and with a high degree of connectivity. An enterprising museum seeking new alliances, investigating new attitudes and stimulating debate, exemplary in administration and in the application of good practice, sustainable thanks to responsible approaches towards the environment, committed in sectors in which museums have a desperate need for innovation: the market, relations, economy, experience in which the ability to attract and interest people are measured, together with the exploration of new ways of interacting with and conveying content and telling stories. The values on which to construct this approach are alliances, research, goals; all pursued with honesty, integrity and trust, with the collections and with quality in all that we do."
Cristiana Collu - director
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