Looking through my window

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    introducing Scrabble the hamster...

    There will be many more pics I suspect, as soon as we get the little bugger used to getting up while there's enough light!

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    1. Harley bunny 106 months ago | reply

      That is so cute! :D

    2. Lalalian 106 months ago | reply

      What a little cutie! {:->

    3. Jim Barter 106 months ago | reply


      ...cute yes, but in 5 minutes he opens a breifcase and joins his fellow furry creatures of doom in an all out war on human kind...

    4. martsky 106 months ago | reply

      Its OK, hamsters only have 4 toes on the front - so can't hold weapons except with their back feet. This limits their maneuverability, and stops them bringing weapons to their eyes, reducing their accuracy somewhat...

      And they can only see a few inches too... Frankly as snipers they suck... they're more close up, trench warfare types.

      He is rather cute isn't he? The hamster and my girlfriend thank you for you kind comments. Except Jim...

    5. Claudia Nix 106 months ago | reply

      Adorable! I love this.

    6. Ker tin 106 months ago | reply

      thats cute!!!!

    7. bunnyhop 106 months ago | reply

      Hello Scrabble! I look forward to seeing more of you...

    8. racingsquirrel 106 months ago | reply

      Aww, it looks like he wants to go outside. This is so cute. Seen on Explore.

    9. caruba 106 months ago | reply

      looks like my little guy! :)

      Hamster flash

    10. Roger Cullman 104 months ago | reply

      How'd he get his name?

      — Wordfreak

    11. Gandolfo 104 months ago | reply

      Ok, it's just out the window then down the shrub. After that all I have to do is... Wait a second, is that a cat! What did i have to go out for again???

    12. rach_thegoat 95 months ago | reply

      So fluffy! He looks really sweet. : )

    13. hendongirl 95 months ago | reply

      hahahhaa - he's also part of the Neighbourhood watch group!!! :D

    14. Y e l i m o n 95 months ago | reply

      so philosophic and cute ♥

    15. hendongirl 95 months ago | reply

      hmmmm - interesting there Jim
      I've added it to eHammie's discussion:

    16. martsky 95 months ago | reply

      hehe... saw that in the metro this morning... you've gotta watch the buggers...

    17. jellybaby86 70 months ago | reply

      How cute ^-^ I love his name. x

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