Stillness at Dawn, photographs by Bill Jackson
Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Bill Jackson received his Ph.B from Monteith College, Wayne State University in 1967. His photographs have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Michigan and in New York.

Museum Director Marilyn Wheaton said, “Bill Jackson has been sending me emails from time to time over the last few years, always with one or two photographs that he has taken while wandering through Michigan’s waterscapes and landscapes, rural and urban. Bill’s prolific photo shoots in and near Michigan’s Great Lakes and inland bodies of water have produced intriguing work, including the photographs in Stillness at Dawn. He has a marvelous way of astutely capturing the essence of tall reeds in the water, at just the right moment to seize the harmonious play between the two elements,” she added.

“I use a camera to create semi-abstract images. They are sparse indications of what might be, without the certainty of what is. That’s why reeds figure so prominently in my work: They look like the calligraphic lines in traditional Asian art that suggest so much, and portray so little,” explains Bill Jackson about his photographs. “Back at my studio, I try to limit digital editing to simple cropping, contrast, toning and sharpening—pretty much what was done with film in the darkroom. Then I print to archival standards using pigment inks on matte papers without artificial brightening agents,” he said.

The Stillness at Dawn exhibition is made possible with generous support from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and National Endowment for the Arts.
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