record scale weight: 540 lbs

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    Welcome Bike Snob visitors! You might also enjoy my Bikes as Transportation blog or my other cargo cycling photos to the right. My current cargo-hauling bike is an electric Yuba Mundo. Not only will be better suited to haul this trailer made by Bikes at Work, it's rated to haul 440 lbs of cargo on it's own.

    This load represented my record gross weight at the landfill scale: 540 lbs.
    The net weight of discarded vinyl tile debris was 220 lbs, which means the
    combination of myself, the bike and trailer weighs more than I realized: 320

    220 pounds is about the maximum that I feel comfortable carrying with this
    recumbent when I need to go out the landfill.

    On this trip there was one short-but-steep section of hill that I couldn't
    pedal up and could barely push the bike up to continue on. Carrying large
    loads by bike could have serious consequences if you were lose control, only to
    find that 300 lbs of bike and cargo have started to roll in a direction you
    didn't intend.

    As I'm still new at this, I have sometimes taken a bathroom scale with me to
    weigh cargo as I'm loading to the trailer, to make sure I don't overload it.
    While it's nice to know I've set a new record, my intent is to keep the weight
    with a safe range.

    For a fun look at cargo hauling, check out the recent related post on my blog:

    video: carrying 1,000 bananas by bike.

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    1. ライアン·グリーソン 59 months ago | reply

      Is that a homemade trailer? If so any recommendations on a build, I'm looking at doing something very similar soon, but probably won't be hauling with a recumbent.

    2. Coal and Ice 58 months ago | reply

      Darned impressive

    3. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 58 months ago | reply

      Hey Mark, BSNCY mentioned you by name.

    4. Mark Stosberg 58 months ago | reply

      I saw that. Lucky me.

    5. dhslammer 58 months ago | reply

      Mark, are you by chance an engineer by profession?

    6. Mark Stosberg 58 months ago | reply

      A software engineer.

    7. samhDOTnet 48 months ago | reply

      Been doing a bunch of cargo bike research tonight (a fave pasttime of mine) and have checked a goodly number of your photos this evening, Mark. Just spotted this one and remembered it from when BSNYC featured it. Small world the Internet causes, eh?

    8. Mark Stosberg 48 months ago | reply

      "any press is good press"

    9. samhDOTnet 48 months ago | reply

      I think we can safely assume that the Snob holds you in high regard. The more he makes fun of you the more he likes you. He featured me in one of his Friday fun quizzes (when I cargo-hauled a mattress using a Madsen) and it has provided me with laughs ever since.

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