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    My new 8 foot cargo trailer from Bikes at Work. (See more photos on Flickr).

    It's rated to haul up to 300 lbs, or cargo up to 15' long, like this full size canoe.

    Here I was helping a friend move a sofa about 1.5 miles over mostly flat terrain. The sofa was nearly 8 foot long. If it had gone on the truck, it's footprint would have taken up nearly a quarter of the available floor space, making packiing the truck significantly more complicated, if it was still possible. Over this distance on a bike, I arrived just a few minutes later than the moving truck did.

    I'll be posting more photos and impressions as I have more adventures. I can already say that I'm pleased with this new human-powered hauling option, and expect to find plenty of uses for it.

    While Becky hopped on for a test ride, I didn't actually haul her the whole way. Others have already pioneered guest-on-couch hauling.

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    1. Thomas Kemp 57 months ago | reply

      Cool, Mark: Ready to try that piano?

    2. Mark Stosberg 57 months ago | reply

      I'm not sure about how to handle the suspension for fragile items, but perhaps that's a solvable problem.

    3. becky_mckimmy 57 months ago | reply

      i would have totally ridden the whole way if I didn't have to take our car over. It was a very comfy ride.

    4. Steven Vance 57 months ago | reply

      I soo want to do this just to show people what's possible with bikes. Would they listen and understand? Doubtful. But I'd have tons of fun pulling a couch and passenger!

    5. Mark Stosberg 57 months ago | reply

      In a direct e-mail I was asked: "Does it take a lot of effort to pump the petals when you have the couch in tow?".

      You definitely want to have low gears for hauling big loads, so you can choose between more effort or a slower speed. Flat roads and downhill are fine of course-- I can feel the load pushing me be some because of the extra momentum it provides. Little valleys are also not bad, because there's significant momentum generated going into the valley. I didn't have a functioning bike computer, but I would guess we averaged about 10 mph.

      This page explains more of the physics of hauling cargo by bike.

    6. metroped 57 months ago | reply

      Great pics (and blog).
      Thanks for sharing these!
      Here's a very funny couch/bike video from a crazy biker legend here in Boston:

    7. shetha 56 months ago | reply

      I guess I should probably read the physics but I presume that braking could be an issue with a 300 lb load at a certain decline angle. This happens all the time in PDX but I guess you probably knew that ;-)

    8. Mark Stosberg 56 months ago | reply

      You are right. Bikes designed for hauling tend to come with higher stopping power brakes like disc brakes or drum brakes. Our town, and this route in particular, is fairly flat.

    9. MySisterPort 54 months ago | reply

      Love the couch bike! It's great for lounging, or for playing:

    10. ambernaddy 52 months ago | reply

      haha that's awesome!

    11. TRUE 2 DEATH 52 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Sofa Free!!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    12. greenkozi 51 months ago | reply

      i'm glad that 14-2-1 decided this was a sofafree. it does appear to be free seating- ad the "driver" gets bonus sofamovingfree points for passengers who wear helmets.

      coming soon to a sidewalk near you.

      Seen in the group" Sofa Free!!" (?)

    13. turboalieno 51 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called sofás en el paisajes, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    14. hannibal1107 51 months ago | reply

      Who needs a stretch limousine, that woman is going in style.

    15. Chich pics 7 months ago | reply

      The sofa provides a comfortable ride!

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