The Beast Returns

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    Kurt designed and built this back-to-back tandem recumbent, nicknamed the Beast. The design allows either rider to idle or pedal, unlike other tandem designs which require riders to pedal in sync.

    After the Beast was idle awaiting repairs for several months, the Kurt and Turner were able to get a few more rides in before Turner graduates high school and moves away to a summer job and college.

    Back-to-back tandem recumbents can sometimes be seen at races because they can be aerodynamic and efficient. (You might even find one to buy).

    The Beast is quite spry itself, despite it's novel look and comfortable seats. I've seen these guys easily exceed 20 mph on flat ground. The open middle has a "floor" and could be packed for cargo hauling or touring.

    Now that the Beast is repaired, I hope we continue to see it out on the road!

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    1. Coal and Ice 71 months ago | reply

      Pretty neat!
      Just picked up an old Schwinn tandem

    2. Rob Robbins 71 months ago | reply

      What in the world will they think of next????? Nice shot...

    3. becky_mckimmy 71 months ago | reply

      glad to hear they got it back up and running. I am going to have to be Kurt for a ride one of these days!

    4. bearsgonebad 71 months ago | reply

      Really bizarre and cool!

    5. metroped 68 months ago | reply

      Seriously cool. is that a home-build?

    6. Mark Stosberg 68 months ago | reply

      Yes, Kurt designed and built it.

    7. vaquey 60 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Reporters' Stories, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      very creative designer!

    8. adambee33 51 months ago | reply

      man that is awesome.

      it's so good, it makes me think about what an ideal car replacement would be. i'm thinking essentially a smartcar electric drive, but maybe a little more reclined, longer, and with solar panels and rowing seats for human power, as in the humancar.

      the key would have to be that it would all still be light enough that one reasonably fit person could run it unassisted if the power systems failed, at almost the same power-speed throughput as a current upright mountain bike, say.. Carbon fairings, rollbars, and solar panels all seem to me to have high upfront costs, but not necessarily other tradeoffs.

    9. Mark Stosberg 51 months ago | reply

      @adambee33: You would enjoy the blog if you haven't found it already. Here's post about a solar/electric cargo bike. He also posts thoughts about various "micro car" concepts:

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