• Designed and sold especially for bicycling. It fails because it's basically a single layer of insulation, not as warm as a mitten, and not sized well to wear another layer over or under it.
  • REI's "Back Country" glove. It seemed promising. I think it uses a three layered design, while still feeling flexible. It still lacks the insulation of a mitten, serious wind blocking, or the ability to layer well.
  • A wool convertible mitten. I haven't had these long, but they seem like a nice general purpose cool weather cycling solution. These mittens fail on their own to provide serious wind or water protection. Next I would get enforced thumbs to prevent shredding them from velctro exposure.
  • This "overmitt" overs light insulation on its own but blocks wind and water well and is designed to allow smaller gloves or mittens to fit inside it. Combining it with with the wool mittens are super-warm, while other combinations can be used when less insulation is needed.

Winter Bike Gloves & Mittens I've tried

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This is a selection of gloves and mittens I've tried to keep my hands warm while bicycling in the winter.

On their own, none of them worked particularly well for riding fast in freezing temperatures.

The best solution I've found is layered: Use a wool mitten for core insulation, and then add a loose fitting overmitt for an extra layer of trapped air, plus the key feature of blocking the wind.

The difference on cold days is between enduring the experience and enjoying it.

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  1. charleswlyons 88 months ago | reply

    I'm guessing mittens only really work with a fixie. Or a grip shift might work okay. The tiny triggers of rapid fire would be nearly impossible, though.

  2. Mark Stosberg 88 months ago | reply

    I've only really tried them with grip shifters myself.

  3. Mark Stosberg 51 months ago | reply

    Update: better than any of these is add some bar mitts into the mix. Today I comfortably rode about 15 miles at 15F using bar mitts and the wool mittens shown above. My hands didn't really even start to get cold. On a supper cold day, I could wear both the overmitts (above) with the wool mittens inside of the bar mitts for maximum warmth. So far it hasn't been that cold. For now, the cold hands problem is solved!

  4. Meetzorp 41 months ago | reply

    If you have something along the lines of top mounted thumb shifters (I have Paul Thumbie adapters on my geared bikes) you can shift with mittens or lobster claw gloves.

    I have some heavy duty Pearl Izumi gloves with individual fingers that get used in late fall/early winter, and a pair of Pearl Izumi lobster claws which I break out when it gets down to eyelash-freezing weather.

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