Biking to church at 0 degrees Farenheit.

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    I overheated slightly on the top...I should have worn only three layers there instead of four. Otherwise I was fairly comfortable for the 15 minute ride.

    I had preheated my hands a little by rubbing them with a little cayenne before I put them in my gloves, and then put the gloves inside these mittens.

    At least my bike didn't break like the time I rode last year at 0F.

    1. Coal and Ice 76 months ago | reply

      Wondered where you've been
      It didn't feel bad atal this a.m.
      with the bright sun - when the wind
      cooperated that is

    2. npGREENWAY 76 months ago | reply

      Ah yes, I imagine the 0º F can be overcome. The thing that gets me when I'm riding a Bakfiets is the high winds... But much to its designer's credit, even those aren't too awful bad with the center of gravity so low.

    3. Thomas Kemp 76 months ago | reply

      Hey Mark, Does the pepper rub really work?
      I went out Sunday and I think I concluded, with the exception of my hands, as long as I can block the wind, it does not take much insulation to stay warm is you are riding hard enough . . . Sweating in 0º is ridiculous.

      I still can't keep my hand warm, so I guess I check out the pepper - suck if you had to adjust a contact and forgot, though.

    4. Mark Stosberg 76 months ago | reply

      Thomas, for me the effect is small, but I think I may have maxed out what cayenne can do for me by eating some at least two meals a day everyday during the winter. (I sprinkle a little on my oatmeal and some on my lunch).

      Maybe the whole winter has been milder, but I have definitely had less problems with cold hands this season than last. I notice I'm wearing lighter weight gloves at colder temperatures this year as well.

      I collected a list of links from other sites that also recommend the cayenne-in-your-gloves trick:

      Research from the Wikipedia and other sources shows that cayenne is also high in antioxidants and may prevent some kinds of cancer as well as being a great circulation booster.

    5. Thomas Kemp 76 months ago | reply

      Thanks Mark. I maintain a pretty spicy diet, but I'll read up about external application. I felt like I was going to loose a finger this morning. . . .

    6. fiddleswithbikes 76 months ago | reply

      I cut up a whole bunch of fairly hot peppers (Fresno Chilis) in Dec. I had to be very careful what I touched for the next 2 days--which I managed to do--but during those 2 days my tongue would get hot pretty quickly if I put a finger in my mouth, so I knew they were still "hot". Next time I wear latex gloves while processing the peppers.

      ...On ***oatmeal***?

    7. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 76 months ago | reply

      Those are your lightweight gloves?!

      Have I told you lately that you rock, Mark? Your storytelling photos are wonderful.

    8. Mark Stosberg 76 months ago | reply

      Richard, on this day I was wearing two layers on my hands so these are my overmitts, I probably had them over my wind gloves, although sometimes I also use my wool mittens, which offer more insulation, but less wind protection. The other larger gloves in the second photo I linked to didn't really work for me.

      Some of my car-free writings are collected here.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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