couch by bike

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    Like a pick-up truck, extra hauling capacity is always there when I need it. A trailer would take forethought. Planning.

    I rode the dutch bike to church today because it is built to live in the rain, without causing extra wear or requiring extra maintenance.

    It turned out there was old couch that needed hauling way.

    Last week I hauled away an exercise bike, which someone thankfully recycled right off my lawn.

    The bike handled fine with the load, but the thin wood sidewalls aren't made for this kind of use. The Bikes At Work trailers are ideal for bulky loads, but then, there's that "planning" thing that comes with using a trailer.

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    1. fiddleswithbikes 79 months ago | reply

      Once again, you inspire me. Thanks for posting this. My cargo bike project is stalled, but soccer season ended yesterday, so that should help.

      I know what you mean on not needing to plan ahead. I periodically see something I want to pick up on my work commute and just have to leave it.

      BTW, I'm starting to use Linux a bit at work because we have a big box that essentially acts as an application server. Not finding it easy, but it's something I've wanted to do for a long time.

    2. cleverchimp 79 months ago | reply

      i can't really get over what a horrible design that is. an upholstered table. how many drink and sauce stains and crumbs had accumulated in the fabric bordering the tabletop? suppose the room was carpeted in the same material?

    3. Marcfoto 77 months ago | reply

      I think this just answered one of my questions.

    4. Patrick Barber 75 months ago | reply

      don't think of it as an upholstered table-- think of it as a table with absorbent bumper edges.

    5. Velo abzug 70 months ago | reply

      Do you suppose that the top edges of the ply box could have regular garden hose sliced and place on this edge as a guard? Yes, this may require some planning, but not to much.
      This photo reminds me of a dump run I made. They didn't know what to think of me there and gave me static about my lack of a fossal fuel burner. It wasn't until I explained that I don't expect special treatment. They insisted on collecting the minimum charge in advance of being weighed of $25 for up to 320 lbs., which is what I expected to to anyhow. I did insist though, that I be weighed like the cars and trucks before unloading (gross was 520 lbs) and again (net was 240 lbs. of garbage) to pay. All in a days work for me, but they saw something new. In closing, I hope the cushions didn't blow away as you raced down the road.

    6. Mark Stosberg 70 months ago | reply

      armybicyclecarl: The sliced garden hose idea is a good one. I continue to find loads that I want to set across the top of the box, and I wouldn't mind having a wood protector handy for those cases.

    7. npGREENWAY 48 months ago | reply

      just saw your post on a blog mark.....

      -- (?)

    8. Mark Stosberg 48 months ago | reply

      Cute. Thanks for the note.

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