Three children in a bakfiets cargo bike

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    After church, I took a few children from the congregation on a ride around the block in the new bakfiets. The bike includes a bench seat and three-point harnesses for two kids. A second bench seat for a third passenger is an option that I passed on. A third or fourth child can ride on the rack behind the driver.

    You might wonder who far or how fast you can actually go when the bike is loaded.

    On this morning, I carried a full size adult two miles over gentle hills to church, averaging about 12 mph, which is not bad for a bike. The weight was probably comparable to these three kids.

    This fellow posted a video showing his three kids asleep in a bakfiets on a 25 mile ride, reporting that this solution works well for hauling the three kids up to about 30 miles (50 km).

    The kids in the video don't have helmets on, which is the cultural norm in the Netherlands, where there are more bikes than people. They also have much lower bike fatality rates, despite a much lower percentage of helmet use.

    For a spirited debate about the helmet issue, see the and the comments that follow.

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    1. cowboy_montgomery 81 months ago | reply

      how many kids are you planning on having?

      this is pretty cute.

    2. cyclotourist 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks for joining and sending it over to kidbike land.

    3. fiddleswithbikes 81 months ago | reply

      PROUD owner! Mark, I'm enjoying your photos of this creature and am starting to feel like I need (want) to make one of these as my next bike. I have the big steel tubes already--from an exercise machine. The low CG of the cargo, plus just 2 wheels seem like really key configuration aspects. Have fun, and we're not yet saturated with photos of this one!!!

    4. Mark Stosberg 81 months ago | reply

      , good luck with the DIY bakfiets project. I've heard it's difficult to get the rake & trail right on these. This design steers very smoothly..not twitchy. Kurt Ritchie is a DIY bike builder too, and has a source for CroMoly tubing in Pennsylvania if you need one.

    5. 67 months ago | reply

      Fantastic picture to show how easy is to carry children in our bike.

      I´m journalist from (a spanish digital media) and we are collecting pictures about the different ways to carry kids in adult bikes.

      Could we publish this photo in

      Thank you very much (

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