• A crop like this would hugely enhance this photo, I feel - you lose the highlights in the background and the path, and you're left with the interesting colours to play with. - Photocritic.org
  • Loving the shallow DOF! - Photocritic.org
  • This bit is over-exposed, and doesn't really add THAT much to the image - perhaps it's worth cropping it out? - Photocritic.org
  • Mustn't forget the rule of thirds here; thus I'm in agreement with Photocritic's note of suggestion. I've included an alternative crop. Also, you can easily take care of the overexposed sky in lightroom 3 or Photoshop. Nonetheless, great photo, sharp and blurred where it should be, and great color with an autumn theme. - bobbylbrett


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Autumn Arrives

Leaf in Endcliffe Park

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  1. find_me_hre ~ 78 months ago | reply

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    i like the way the leaf is crisp in front an fades to the distance, nice shot

  2. Photocritic.org 72 months ago | reply

    When I look at this photo, it makes me think of... spending long lovely autumn days in the parks - a good connotation to have, I feel!

    I think this photo is about... autumn, changes of the season, and a love of the outdoors.

    Technically, I'm loving the extremely shallow depth of field, and the bokeh looks lovely in the background, too.

    What I like about this photo is that it has the potential to be very colourful - I like the muted background, and I like how it comes together with the orange/green contrast.

    If I were to improve or change anything, I would look at your post-processing again; Up the contrast a little, and ramp up the saturation a smidge - a touch of sharpening wouldn't go amiss either; it'll make the orange leaf really pop out of the image. Finally, it's cropped a little bit oddly - I'm used to photos being 3:2 or 1:1, this one is sort of in between, which I don't really think is doing the image any favours. Try a re-crop (see the notes for my suggested crop, but play around with alternative ones as well)

    Overall, I think this is a raw image with a lot of potential, but it's been let down in PP - give it a second edit (or a re-release / re-mix edition :-) and I think you'll find it'll fall into place! :)

    Finally, if you fancy it, why not add this photo to the www.flickr.com/groups/critique-by-photocritic Flickr pool?

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  3. mmm cake 72 months ago | reply

    Cheers very much, I'll have a look at that crop and play around with the pp a bit too!

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