Gosh, there she is.

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    We'd had a lovely day out in Sycamore Canyon, hiking up to the top (nearly killed me, I must say) and enjoying the long winding descent, with a great view out to the Pacific.

    We decided we would stop for a late lunch somewhere along the coast, but all of the oceanside places were packed, even at 2pm. So we decided to head a little further south. Just past the point where Malibu canyon meets PCH there's a little shopping area with a Marmalade cafe, so we stopped there. As we were walking across the parking lot, a fluorescent pink Corvette rolls up, and I realised it must be Angelyne (one time gubernatorial candidate for California, beaten by only a small margin by the current encumbent).
    Sure enough the diminutive, ageless and well endowed pink person clambered from her vehicle a little unsteadily.

    had she attended the same finsihing school as Joanna Lumley, she would have learned the correct mode of egress from a motor vehicle.

    Nevertheless, she is a stunning figure in person, as you can see.

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    1. Bulldog47%,,rotisserie gerbil 83 months ago

      I guess i'll never be ready for Cali-fornia' if this scene were repeated in my home town, time itself would fracture, the laws of physics would reverse, ,,,a neocon end times

    2. monkeytime | brachiator 83 months ago

      Angelyne is pure L.A., an icon. And I'll take 3 of her, D-list strivers all, over one Paris Hilton and the concomitant brouhaha. :-)

      Great catch. I've never seen her in person, and I've been here 40 years.

    3. nhat nguyen [deleted] 83 months ago

      A fixture of Hollywood. She's not running those billboards as much as she used to, and when she does, they are just illustrations of herself now.

    4. 11thEarlOfMar 83 months ago

      Well she's free to use my photographs if she wishes.

    5. selecshine 83 months ago

      Glad to be European

    6. ZenzenOK 83 months ago

      Great find!

      Selecshine - Glad to be European? Because of American women like this? Have you seen the women in Italian politics? Hmmmmmm

    7. monkeytime | brachiator 83 months ago

      Angelyne is no Ciccolina, ZenzenOK, more's the pity.

      And she's no Allesandra Mussolini, to her credit. Imagine if Hitler's niece were to be elected to parliament. Or Franco's nephew. Why, those ex-Fascist states would have as much to be ashamed of as these United States of George W. Bush.

    8. vegaway 83 months ago

      LOL great shot EEoM !

    9. Calsurferboy 78 months ago

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Just California People, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    10. hud10_2000 (my inspiration is gone for awhile) [deleted] 78 months ago

      Tell me again why I left CA?

    11. archer773 78 months ago

      great candid shot-you should put this in one of the candid groups.

    12. bobby__emm 78 months ago

      i've seen her driving around a few times . . . but then, she's pretty hard to miss.

    13. _Blue_ 77 months ago

      LOL the horror.

    14. JD_Hogg [deleted] 72 months ago

      damn....she is hot

    15. 11thEarlOfMar 72 months ago

      *For her advanced years.

    16. madstfri 71 months ago

      such a shame to pick a color like that for a Corvette :-)
      Great candid shot, and great story

    17. 11thEarlOfMar 71 months ago

      @madstfri -

      she's all about the pink.

    18. 11thEarlOfMar 42 months ago

      I spotted Angelyne in our local supermarket just a few days ago - spotted the pink Corvette in the parking lot, and there she was, queuing at the checkout, dressed as she always does in pink and about as frou-frou as frou-frou gets.

      Fairplay, she gets attention.

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