Plant Potter - time lapse

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comment! love to hear from ya :)

Part of my Plants & Such Set - contains a few Time Lapse Videos too, come check it outs!

(if you're looking at this on fbook, you have to follow the link because it's a video....)
I've admittedly become not as interested in random time lapses as I was a year or two ago, but still enjoy small things here and there for sure. I've got loads of short sequences on my computer from the past couple years, but figured I'd post something recent. Took this last night while I was planting some prickly pear seeds and potting my new eggplant, tomato, & pepper plants.

The work I've done getting my yard out of complete disrepair has been fun and documenting little things along the road is a fun way to keep track of my progress and the steps it's taken to get to where I'm at.

Didn't take time to really edit the video much for flickr's 90 second requirement. Just kinda cut it short enough to fit. There is a bit of flickering, I've figured caused by the clouds against the moon because the camera was on manual settings. Sometimes you can only do so much :)

I recently returned from my first trip to Big Bend. If you're interested, here's a link to some of the photos I took - - - My Big Bend Set - - -

And here's My Most Interesting Set

"Down on the Corner" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

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  1. CharleneM50 45 months ago | reply

    clever video, Mark. . .enjoyed seeing the clutter all cleaned up!

  2. Skaustin103 45 months ago | reply

    I've been listening to creedence all day.
    wonderful job on this.

  3. seven by phive photography 45 months ago | reply

    Great vid! I love time lapse stuff.

  4. markr82 45 months ago | reply

    thanks a million guys. i'm terrible at replying with flickr. I feel like it should be like facebook where you have the option for individual notification emails. cause the comments definitely motivate you to keep going, so before i rant too long, thanks everyone. it's appreciated.

  5. mintasfotos 45 months ago | reply

    =) i luv doing yardwork ....especially planting nite ......mostly because here in az? its TOO FRICKIN HOT to be outside during the day ...

    great time laspe......or IS IT? ::::twisting moustache as i

  6. New Yorkled 45 months ago | reply

    Really well done bud. :-)

  7. Flipintex Fotos. Back for now 45 months ago | reply

    Cool!!!! I like that, great job!!

  8. billbalance 45 months ago | reply

    Wooooow . . . SUPER Cool . . . really like it . . .

  9. Jiminy1 45 months ago | reply

    Nice one. Looks like you had too much coffee- caffeine

  10. teracotta8 44 months ago | reply

    I love it!!!^^

  11. MOrtega 40 months ago | reply


  12. markr82 39 months ago | reply

    thanks for the comments & faves you guys! i've loved taking some time going thru your photos, thanks again for stopping by.

  13. dreamexplorer 21 months ago | reply

    cool! might have to copy your idea. love doing time lapse stuff w/ magic lantern.

  14. markr82 21 months ago | reply

    thanks! you totally should. i did so many time lapses (never posted most of them) that i started getting worried about wearing out the shutter on my camera, haha. need to get back in it tho, such a fun way to document stuff.

  15. dreamexplorer 21 months ago | reply

    I worry about the shutter wearing out also -- they're rated at about 100,000 shots. Each timelapse I've done is about 2000, so that adds up quickly.

    Magic lantern has a mode that captures time lapse with the shutter open (in a hacked movie mode). I hope to blog about it once I discover its limitations/etc.

    Thanks again - w00t.

  16. dreamexplorer 11 months ago | reply

    Just made a garden timelapse and thought back to your video. Came out cool at the end with longer exposures and a headlamp:

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